How To Install A Bathtub Surround

How To Install A Bathtub Surround

Bathtub border can be conveniently set up in 1-2 hrs yet you need to wait for the sticky to completely dry panel 6-12 hrs prior to you could apply silicone sealant on the joint end. After drying over night, you can utilize your bathroom the next early morning.

How To Install A Bathtub Surround

There are a couple of different kinds surrounds are offered in varying amounts of pieces. In general items of less, much less joints need closing as well as much less chance of a leak in the future. There is one area borders the bathtub out there yet in my experience when installing this, it is quite difficult to obtain an excellent fit, particularly on existing tubs that could not be completely degree. So I would advise the 3 pieces or 5 parts Unit.

Tools needed:
energy knife
opening saws or spade bit
level woodworker
caulking gun
Products required:
tub surround
4-5 adhesive tube
Scotch tape
mineral spirits

Start by preparing the surface area of your wall surface It needs to be completely dry, mold-free and fit. In the new shower room remodel, repaint your wall surfaces before mounting the bathtub border. When you have actually a properly prepared surface area of the wall, you’re ready to begin.

Begin with the very first procedure all the items surround as well as with a pencil, lightly mark degree and also plumb line on the wall where each piece will be.

Suggestion: I generally note my lines in a position where they will be covered only by a sheet when used. So you do not should eliminate the indicator later on.

When all lines are marked, take each item as well as completely dry match location making certain everything will work out. In some cases it could be needed to cut a few of the panels to make sure that they fit effectively. Utilize your line you marked making measurements of to cut about pipelines and home windows etc. After all these cuts are made, dry fit the pieces once again making certain they fit.

Tip: Utilizing an energy blade, hole saw, drill or a mix of these would normally make cuts or openings that you require.

You could now use tub surround glue on the back of each piece you need. After using the glue, apply bathtub border an item of the wall surface, align your lines as you want, hit the wall and afterwards carefully pull out of the wall for regarding 1-3 minutes (this will certainly activate the adhesive correctly).

border adhesive on the wall

After 1-3 mins, re-apply the items to the wall surface and press it strongly right into the wall surface all over with your hands. Clean excess adhesive with mineral spirits. Repeat this procedure for all areas.

3 of 5 pieces connected to wall.

In some cases you could have to utilize some concealing tape to aid hold the sides tight up until the adhesive dries (concerning 6-12 hours). After the surround panel is mounted, you can silicone all joints in the panel as well as silicon on the top edge of the tub where the bathtub satisfies the surround panel. Allow dry silicone since it identifies (generally 12 hrs) prior to utilizing the shower or bathtub.

Bathtub surround 5 items set up. Taped to hold it there

bathtub border you will certainly require normal aesthetic assessments anywhere that the joints are siliconed to guarantee Mu is still sealed. Reseal if required.

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